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About Us
Regarding the guild, we started this little fancy thing waaaaay back in 2004, with the Gamecube MMO, Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II. Anyways. Drexxin and Suzaku have been running the guild since then, We have been across many games and mmo's including but not limited to:

Phantasy Star Online episodes I & II
Fantasy Earth Zero
S4 League
Monster Hunter Frontier Online (And all other Monster Hunter titles since MH 1 on the PS2!)
World of Warcraft
Ragnarok Online
League of Legends
RF Online
Tera Online

The Royalz has had a strong legacy which has yet to die through several action RPG's. We love the genre and although extremely scarce back then, we are glad to see it go into the mainstream so we can continue to enjoy it and dominate it. This is definitely where our passion lies and we hope to continue to drive that passion!


Q: What are the prerequisites to enter the guild?

A: Well, as the motto says, Strive, Compete,and Respect everyone. Can you do those and oblige to our goals? (see below) Fill out an app today. We can promise a lot of fun and competition in a relaxing and family-like environment!

Q: Does your guild have any competitive background? I'm looking for a guild with a drive for excellence!

A: Certainly! Do not let our light-hearted nature scare you off! On the same page, do not let our competitive side scare you away; we welcome all and there is more than likely SOMETHING you can contribute to our guild. A list of accomplishments our guild leaders alone have taken part in:
WCG USA - Starcraft Brood War (Drexxin)
MLG -Halo (Suzaku)
MLG -SSBM/Guitar Hero (Drexxin)
National E-sports League -S4League(Drexxin & Suzaku)
National E-Sports League -League of Legends (Drexxin)
Alienware Arena -League of Legends (Drexxin & Suzaku)

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Just because we are nice guys doesn't mean we aren't serious about our success!

Q: How is the guild run?

A: The guild is entirely democratic and regardless of rank, YOU tell us how you want things to improve. YOU tell us what will make the experience better, and YOU have a say as a citizen in our community to bring your ideals onto the table. As long as we have a common goal, we are always open to change and would love to hear what you have to offer to the table!

Q:Wow, I am intrigued, but am still skeptical and have some questions before I join this guild. How do I contact who's in charge to get some answers?

A: Not a problem, friend. Feel free to contact us, we encourage it! Do it via E-mail and we will get to you as soon as you can.



We hope to give you a thrilling competitive experience that feels at home and set to your own pace. We understand you guys have lives, take care of that and have fun contributing what you can, WHEN you can.

With that said, we hope to see you join our ranks and added to the roster.